Friday, 4 January 2013

Travel and Life in London: Why is the City so popular amongst the Young?

London is a major cosmopolitan city, with a robust economy. At present, it is very popular with young, job seeking Europeans.

Why is London so popular?

In term of population London is the largest in Western Europe. The population for a large part is diverse and young. Many people who are looking to travel to a foreign city will want to feel comfortable, rather than an outcast or foreigner. London has many different communities within it, which makes many young migrants feel more comfortable. The fast pace of life and numerous attractions is also appealing to many young people.

The Economy

The main reason for mass migration is usually economic. At the moment many European Peripheries are struggling with unemployment. This has encouraged upwardly mobile Spanish and Italians to seek work and opportunities in London. Elsewhere, the EU has enabled many Eastern Europeans to seek a brighter future in London.


The United Kingdom is Europe’s largest English speaking country. English is the most important language for international travel and commerce. This means that is important for many young European to develop their Business English Skills. Therefore, many come here to work part-time, whilst attending Business English Courses. This will not necessarily mean that they are seeking to gain a career in London, but to take the newly found language skills back home to their native countires and advance their careers.

Pace of life

London is unique within the United Kingdom, as the pace of life is very fast. There are constantly people departing and arriving in this international hub. This can make the city somewhat transient, but it does mean that there are always others who are new and looking to form a circle of friends. This is heartening for any new arrival and encourages more immigration.

Culture and Nightlife

The City’s culture is thriving, with all the great museums such as the Tate, National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum and all the great theatres of the West End. New trendy areas are constantly being revitalised by the artier types of Londoner, which makes for fun and diverse nightlife.

Coming to London to Work and Learn English?

London is a great place to visit for one or two years, whilst you work and pay for learning English. The City is multi-cultural, so it can be welcoming to any a wide range of new arrivals.

If you want to learn English, there are many great colleges and institutions, but be clear on what you want to learn. You need to check out the criteria of the schools and your teacher. Make sure that they are offering the right course and that the teacher is qualified.

If you want to use your English commercially or to get a job, you should look for a Business English Course. This will ensure that you learn all the rhetoric to handle issues in a business environment.

Also, be aware that the city is large and you will need to research the best area to suit your finance and personal needs. This can take some research so plan out  your accommodation and don’t be rushed into taking the first place that you encounter.

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